Yogic Arts & Sciences

Integrative Yoga Therapy for wellness and success.  Master Yoga, numerology and healing.

Course Description: Practitioner of Yogic Arts & Sciences

Certification in the Yogic Arts & Sciences comprises these three transformational courses: Ten Body Yoga, Das Prakash Healing and Yogic Numerology, plus integrative Yogic Healing. This is the ultimate program for any Yoga or healing practitioner, designed to introduce a complete and integrative approach to wellness and success.

Whether you are starting a new career, adding to your professional repertoire, or exploring personal transformation, this comprehensive program delivers classical Yogic healing techniques for a modern world.


Course Overview

  • Yogic Numerology Practitioner Certification
  • Das Prakash Healing Practitioner Certification
  • Ten Body Yoga Practitioner Certification
  • Integrative Yogic Healing

Course Timetable

Start the program any time. Begin online lessons, assignments and supplemental reading list. Then you will be assigned a peer education group to attend webinars, complete webinar assignments, and participate in study groups.

The course takes about 18 months. Each course has weekly lessons. Quizzes and tests are allotted the same amount of time as a lesson, so you can review and study. 

Chapter quizzes are monthly. Section tests are four times per year. The certification exam is at the end of your course for an additional fee.

When you enroll in the Yogic Arts and Sciences certification course today, here’s what you’ll receive:

Three Complete Practitioner Training Courses: Yogic Numerology, Ten Body Yoga, Das Prakash Healing. This includes access to all your course content, including videos, text summaries, downloadable documents, lesson reviews, assignments, and audio files.

Access to Our Private Learning Community. This is where you can interact with students and teachers from all over the world.

Exceptional Support. As an Academy student, you get your questions answered… when you need them answered. That’s why we have online support where you can ask questions by email throughout your entire program.

Live, Interactive Webinars. At each stage of your program, you join your Peer Education Group for a lively discussion of your latest lessons, discoveries and assignments. If you are unable to attend the webinar live, you can watch the recording.

Monthly Subscription Series – Free Subscription.  Each month you enjoy full access to Yogi Akal Academy’s subscription series which includes lectures, transformational techniques, numerology forecasts, and more.

Private Mentoring.  Students enjoy a reduced rate for group and individual counselling and consulting.

Student discount.  Benefit from reduced prices on products in the Academy store, such as CD’s, DVD’s, and e-books.

Bonus Training Videos. More tools and techniques for your personal transformation and professional development. Enhance your life and learning experience as you progress through your program.

Advanced Training #1. The Yogic Arts and Sciences is more than the sum of its three programs. Our Integrative Yogic Healing course brings it all together for you, teaching you how to use these technologies as a complete healing system.

Advanced Training #2. Group Mentoring Program with master teacher, Yogi Akal.

When you graduate:

Yogic Arts & Sciences Practitioner Certificate

Yogic Numerology Practitioner Certificate

Ten Body Yoga Practitioner Certificate

Das Prakash Healing Practitioner Certificate

With the successful completion of the prestigious Yogic Arts & Sciences program, you are a healer, a Yogi and a practitioner of Yogic Numerology, integrating these powerful technologies to transform your life and career, and help others to do the same.

Register and Get Started

  • Register online today
  • Choose your payment option
  • Receive instant access to your lessons
  • Your online course is easily accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any computer or device connected to the Internet.


Tuition Fees

Pay in Full Option

Tuition fee  $5,995.00 (save $605.00)

Payment Plan Option

Tuition fee  $1650 for 4 months

Examination and Certification Fee $300 (includes all 4 exams)


All fees are in US funds. (For Canadian residents HST is included.)

If you have any questions about this training, please contact us.

Teacher Training Certification

Develop expertise and become certified to teach Yogic Numerology, Ten Body Yoga, Das Prakash Healing or the Yogic Arts and Sciences. Practitioner certification is the pre-requisite for Teacher Training in each of their respective courses.

Upgrade from Yoga, Numerology or Healing 

If you are enrolled in any of the other practitioner certification programs (Ten Body Yoga, Yogic Numerology, or Das Prakash Healing) you can upgrade to the complete Yogic Arts & Sciences certification program.  Contact us for more information.


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