What is Yogic Numerology?


Yogic Numerology, as taught by Yogi Akal, is the original Yoga therapy, the oldest and most accurate system of its kind. In ancient times, it was used by the advisors to kings and queens, and now you can use this fascinating form of guidance to answer life’s most important questions.

Using a birthday as a starting point, you learn all the formulas, cycles and calculations to create a map of life for yourself and others. As you learn to see the different layers and perspectives, you can apply this technology to your own life, to relationships and compatibility, and to better understand business trends or world events.
5-QUEST-2Study directly with the world master of Yogic Numerology, Yogi Akal. This is the only place to learn his unique system and approach. It’s more than a course. It’s a spiritual system, a language, a discipline, a yogic technology to help you gain confidence, self awareness and intuition. It can provide the right technique at the right time for healing, transformation and success.


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