The Student Experience



Exclusive Content and Programming

If you are looking for authentic and classical programming, this is the only place in the world to study Yogi Akal’s transformational system of Yogic Numerology, Healing and Yoga.   Students of all ages, from all over the world, from all backgrounds, levels of education, and professions enjoy and benefit from the Academy programs and being part of an international online learning community.

Advance Your Yoga Practice or Business

If you are a Yoga teacher, or a Yoga student, or have a centre or Yoga therapy practice, the Academy programs are perfect for taking your practice and business to the next level.

Start a New Career

If you are looking for a new career, the Academy certification courses provide you with the knowledge and skills to put you on the path to fulfillment and success.

Awaken Mind, Body and Spirit

If you have just discovered meditation, self help programs, or are exploring spiritual development, there are many programs to choose from to awaken and strengthen your mind, body and spirit.

Expand Your Repertoire as a Healer or Health Care Provider

If you are a healer, or are working in the wellness industry as a counsellor, health care provider, or educator, the Academy offers courses and classes that expand your repertoire, reduce your stress, and  help you to serve your clients even more effectively.

Enjoy a Variety of Study and Program Options

If you are looking for certification programs, professional development courses, personal enrichment classes, topical webinars, structured programming or individualized study and consulting, the Academy offers a variety of educational models for different learning styles and individual goals.



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