Free Yogic Numerology Program

On my 65th birthday (May 20), I opened the distance education Yogic Numerology Course as a free program, accessible to anyone with a computer and high speed internet and/or a viable mobile device.

The program is now available at no charge, internationally. Feel free to get started.

The course is available in English or Spanish

This very comprehensive free program will be the pre-requisite for upcoming intensive programs to achieve advanced certification as a practitioner, teacher, yogi, counselor, or healer in this system.

Get started today. And let others through your own networks know that they too can enjoy and share the wonderful teachings of Yogic Numerology…at no charge.

Register Here

Thank you.

Yogi Akal


Note:  Current students are already enrolled in practitioner certification. New students will be required to complete the free distance education program before applying for and paying for advanced certification.

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