About The Academy

Yogi Akal Academy delivers one-of-a-kind programs and technologies for healing, spiritual development, personal enrichment, and professional advancement. We apply technology to make learning accessible.

We are committed to helping people around the world accomplish their educational and professional goals through:

  • providing students with the highest standards of education, service and online delivery.
  • empowering students to heal and transform their lives, so they can uplift and inspire others.
  • offering student-centered models and technology-based alternatives to traditional education.
  • encouraging students to be life-long learners through dynamic programs, innovative course delivery, and engaging content.



Yogi Akal is a world renowned speaker, activist, teacher, counsellor, and healer. He has been helping people achieve optimal wellness and success since 1973.

Yogi Akal is recognized as the world Master of Yogic Numerology. He is the foremost authority on a specialized branch of Yogic teachings, known as Ten Body Yoga, and is the developer of Das Prakash, a unique Yogic system of healing. He has conducted hundreds of programs for universities, schools, hospitals, mental health facilities, international Yoga organizations, government agencies, and corporations around the world. His body of work has extended to the Internet through this innovative online learning community.



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