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Yogic Numerology Training Schedule

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23rd Jul 2016

Start a New Journey

Start a New Journey with Yogic Numerology, as taught by Yogi Akal The Practitioner of Numerology course is a comprehensive certification program that takes a year to complete. It is...

07th Oct 2015

Practitioner of Yogic Numerology Certification

Become the architect of your own destiny. Create change for yourself and others. Certification Course Description: The Practitioner of Yogic Numerology Study directly with the world master of Yogic Numerology, Yogi...

05th Apr 2015

How to Relax in 3 Minutes or Less – FREE COURSE

Yogi Akal teaches you how to easily relax and feel rejuvenated anywhere, anytime. Enjoy these time-tested Yogic techniques to get positive results in just a few minutes. 3 Instructional Videos...

03rd Jan 2015
Audio CD Numerology

Audio CD: Numerology Professor with Yogi Akal

Audio CD: Numerology Professor with Yogi Akal The Power of your Birthday The numbers you need to know for radiance, well-being and success. A beautiful audio CD, introducing you to...